Kyiv Kitchen Hub "Ants"

Kyiv Kitchen Hub "Ants"


About volunteering organization

Kyiv Kitchen Hub "Ants" was founded by Kostyantyn and Oksana Ovcharenko on February 25, 2022. Initially, they focused on helping civilians and the military with various urgent needs. However, as the situation evolved, the demand for ready-made meals decreased, and the need for dry rations grew. They recognized this shift in March 2022 and dedicated themselves to this mission.

Today, Kyiv Kitchen Hub "Ants" plays a vital role in providing meals to around 10,000 soldiers who lack the facilities to cook. These soldiers can now enjoy a nutritious daily diet with just a mug and hot water. Every month, the organization produces and distributes 10,000 servings of first and second courses, along with breakfast cereals and 10,000 servings of galettes.

Type of work for volunteers:

  • Peeling/cutting vegetables/fruits, meat, shelling nuts
  • Loading/unloading vehicles full of produce
  • Precision weighing of ingredients and packaging of final product
  • Organization and cleaning


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