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Insulate Ukraine is an NGO addressing the urgent problem of shattered windows in war-torn Ukraine.

Since the conflict began, millions of windows have been damaged, leaving residents exposed to harsh winters and soaring energy prices. To combat this issue, Insulate Ukraine has developed an innovative solution that not only insulates like double glazing but also allows natural light to pass through, all for just $15 per window.

They've successfully implemented this solution in over 1,000 homes, providing warmth and reducing heating costs for residents. Additionally, the organization has trained local workers and collaborated with emergency service representatives and villagers, sharing their expertise in window insulation. With a strong emphasis on community involvement, Insulate Ukraine has expanded its operations to multiple towns, raised substantial funds, and is actively working to fulfill their goal of insulating homes across the entire country.

Founded by a dedicated group of individuals, Insulate Ukraine's vision is clear: to ensure that no one has to endure freezing winter temperatures due to a lack of insulation.

Type of work for volunteers:

  • Administrative and Support: Administrative Tasks, Back Office Support, Systems Support
  • Media and Content: Media Production, Content Editing
  • Fundraising and Outreach: Fundraising Support, Outreach and Promotion
  • Technical and IT: Programming (Python), IT Support

If you have experience with any of the above tasks or simply want to contribute, please submit your application via email to Your help is greatly appreciated!


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