Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

Kharkiv region

About volunteering organization

Hell's kitchen is operating since March 2022 as a charitable initiative. They are preparing complex meals for people who have suffered due to the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine. The meal consists of soup, porridge with meat and bread. They also provide humanitarian assistance to those in need, such as medical supplies, products of personal hygiene, clothes and so on. Hell's kitchen work on creation of social enterprises on deoccupied territories of Kharkiv region so that people can have the opportunity to support themselves and the country’s economy.

Type of work for volunteers:

  • General kitchen duties: cooking, piling vegetables, doing dishes, cleaning, baking;
  • Coordinator's work: checking with beneficiaries about deliveries, making working calls, providing information about the organisation, conducting working relationships with suppliers, ect;
  • Delivery of humanitarian aid and volunteers around the city;
  • Media production and keeping social pages active. Seeking for donations and sponsorships.
Volunteering with Hell’s Kitchen is a rewarding and fun experience, but it also requires a lot of dedication and hard work. They have a busy schedule every day, so they need people who are passionate and reliable to join their team. If you enjoy getting involved and making a difference, they would love to have you on board!


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