About volunteering organization

GoGlobal is a Ukrainian educational foundation that has been piloting, implementing, and scaling education projects for 8 years. Our mission is to engage new generations of Ukrainians in the process of creating change by providing them with all the necessary knowledge, tools, and methods.

Together with our partners, we are working to transform the education system for students and teachers in Ukraine, to reform and rethink the education system in the course of rebuilding the country so that students and teachers become full-fledged co-authors of it. Subjects, not objects, of the educational process.

During this time, we have established a community of 5 000+ Ukrainian teachers and 4 000+ schools all over the country. More than 170 000 children and youth participated in our programs. Volunteers from 80+ countries supported our projects. After the beginning of the full-scale war, we focused ourselves on the psychological support of Ukrainian teachers. As well as providing students with skills and knowledge that are in demand in the modern world.

Type of work for volunteers:

Non-formal education programs for children:

  • GoCamps. We are currently running these camps online. Volunteers share their experience with children, conduct interactive classes with them, games (on a certain topic), help to find ideas for completing tasks.
  • GoGlobal Clubs. Volunteers interact with children, conduct games and various activities on a specific topic (for example, food, culture, travel). Ukrainian teachers help volunteers in all activities with children. Volunteer engagement schedule is flexible.


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