Brave to Rebuild

Brave to Rebuild

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson

About volunteering organization

«Brave to rebuild» is a volunteer initiative restoring cities and villages after Russian invasion in Ukraine.Every weekends and on weekdays, the volunteers of the initiative go to villages in the Kyiv region, mainly in Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel and surrounding villages. They also work in Kharkiv and Kherson regions.

Volunteers dismantle rubble, repair damaged residential buildings and social institutions, so that life can return to how it was, prior to the destruction by the war. In addition to debris removal and construction, the initiative collects and distributes humanitarian aid, which helps people rebuild their homes and survive the winter.

Additionally, an organisation repair and transfer used bicycles from Europe for the public needs of the community. A research department was also launched. They work for those who remain in their city or village to further develop their lives and Ukraine.

Type of work for volunteers:

  • covering destroyed roofs;
  • demolition of debris and basic repair work;
  • underpinning damaged walls;
  • etc.


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