Make It Possible Ukraine

Make It Possible Ukraine


About volunteering organization

Make it Possible is an organization that provides child refugees with English lessons, creative workshops and entrepreneurial classes and organizes summer camps for kids in shelters in western Ukraine. It is dedicated to assisting displaced Ukrainian children by providing them with educational opportunities and a chance to experience joy and positivity in their lives.

Currently, the organization runs several programs in shelters located in Lviv. The primary focus is organizing a summer camp program within one of the largest shelters in the city. The aim of our program is to engage and educate the children through a wide range of activities designed to inspire and bring smiles to their faces.

As a volunteer, your role will involve taking care of the camp's attractions and ensuring their proper and safe use. You will organize various lessons, competitions, sports games, and typical kids' games to create a fun and enjoyable experience for the children. We encourage you to share your skills, talents, and interests with the children, as this can inspire them from a young age to dream big and set goals for themselves.

Together, you will create a friendly and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and has a great time, including the volunteers. The main goal is to provide these displaced children with an opportunity to forget about their challenging reality and experience the joys of childhood to the fullest.

By volunteering with Make it Possible, you will have the chance to have a positive impact on the lives of these children and create lasting memories. We believe that through collaboration with passionate individuals like you, we can make a significant difference to the lives of these young ones.

Type of work for volunteers:

  • teaching kids English;
  • participation in English speaking clubs;
  • book clubs and movie nights in English;
  • joining kids on field trips.


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