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Founded by Brit Richard Woodruff back in October of 2022 to combat the needs of every Ukrainian across the front. “FrontLineKit” is a catch all safety net for Troops/Civilians in need in Ukraine. Supported by a Twitter community of 57,000+ the fund has raised over $500 Thousand USD in just 10 months.

You can view their financial reports here.

Currently FrontLineKit does have a kitchen location in Lviv however this is not open/available to the general public due to OPSEC however there is still a trusted team of 10 operating daily producing Energy Bars & Hand warmers.

However don’t despair, a FLK Volunteer is any volunteer in Ukraine, our family don’t stick to just the one opportunity on the website but instead our volunteers flow between where we are needed most.

Type of work for volunteers:

Contact your local papers, journalists, international media companies and talk about the realities on the ground here in Ukraine, for an article they can contact Richard directly at FLKINBOX@GMAIL.COM

Or follow along at

To help Ukraine please donate at

Currently raising funds for Drones, for humanitarian aid for the de-occupied areas, for medical supplies for our troops.

Please note it is not possible for foreign nationals to deliver aid to the front lines, only those with Military escort.


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