Pasta Cafe

Pasta Cafe


About volunteering organization

Pasta Cafe is a volunteering organization specializing on preparing dinners for internally displaced people (IDP), dry meal plan for the military and also sending food packages to civilians located on the eastern regions of Ukraine (de-occupied territories, regions with high risk).

Mission of an organization is food security of Ukraine.

Every day volunteers at Pasta Cafe prepare free lunches for the territorial defense, military units of Lviv and IDPs. They prepare, pack and organize food delivery, carefully selecting locations for catering and do everything to ensure that these meals get to those who really need it.
Pasta Cafe provides help to:

  • IDPs placed in shelters and unable to cook on their own;
  • Military units which do not have the opportunity to cook on their own;
  • Military units located at the front lines, for whom they supply food packages and dry rations.

Type of work for volunteers:

  • Collection of information about those in need
  • Packing lunches for IDPs
  • Packaging dry rations for the military


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