Domivka Shelter

Domivka Shelter


About volunteering organization

Domivka shelter is a charitable organization that saves animals from human cruelty and creates comfortable conditions for them to continue living in a shelter or in the wild. Since the full-scale invasion, this shelter has become a place of refuge for many animals that were in the war zone. Over the course of a year, they evacuated and adapted into the families more than 7,600 animals to the family.

Type of work for volunteers:

  • peeling/cutting vegetables/fruits;
  • feeding animals, changing water for animals;
  • cleaning the territory of the shelter, cleaning cages, washing carriers;
  • walking dogs;
  • unloading vehicles, transport heavy things;
  • take out wheelbarrows with garbage;
  • and a lot of different kind of work, so hopefully you will  find what's best for you!


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