“Free Land” program

“Free Land” program


About volunteering organization

The Bank Lviv Charity Fund presents the “Free Land” program.

This program specializes primarily in demining territories in Ukraine, environmental cleanup, and organizing practical courses on handling explosive ordnance for specialized professionals and volunteers. Alongside core demining efforts, organization is dedicated to addressing the aftermath of war by actively supporting internally displaced individuals, assisting them with employment, housing, and other immediate needs.

Demining action is significant:

The most crucial human life depends on it. Demining the de-occupied territories makes restoring the economy to transport goods, build housing, and grow bread possible. Mines significantly damage the environment. Unfortunately, all these threats will be with us for decades. To help the country, together with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, organization is implementing a nationwide educational project. They systematically train volunteers to identify explosive devices. The identifiers are civilians who can professionally assess the threat level, take safety measures, and provide first aid on the spot if a suspicious object is found.

“Free Land” program main areas of focus:

SAFETY - providing sapper units with the necessary equipment to detect, neutralize and destroy explosive devices on the territory of Ukraine. Today, the Free Land program regularly supplies equipment to Ukrainian sappers to protect their lives.

ENVIRONMENT - In the age of information technology, the narrative about the catastrophic consequences for Ukraine's environment due to chemical pollution and soil destruction due to the use of ammunition is becoming increasingly loud. This problem is priority, and they are trying to fight it in all possible ways. Preserving the environment and restoring natural resources is one of our key goals.

TRAINING - organizing practical courses on working with explosive ordnance for specialized professionals. Organization have already conducted 14 technical identification courses and trained 800 explosive ordnance identifiers from different regions. Among them are foresters, firefighters, police officers, and volunteers. They are already operating in towns and villages the world has heard about. These are Bucha, Borodianka, Makariv, Chornobyl, etc. Thanks to their knowledge and courage, many lives have been saved, more than 450 explosive devices have been found and defused, and economic activity is gradually returning to the region.

MOBILE CLASS - Ukraine's first mobile mine safety school, "Free Land", is a new priority project of the Found. They create and purposefully disseminate educational content on the rules of behavior in areas where unexploded mines and shells may be present. Organization have launched a new educational project with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. "The First Mobile Mine Safety Class". The purchased minibus, equipped with multimedia equipment, photo and video equipment, and an electric generator, is already traveling around different regions of Ukraine. Thanks to the First Mobile Mine Safety Class project, Ukrainians can learn about life-saving rules even in remote de-occupied villages where the Internet, mobile communications, and television are almost nonexistent. Experts conduct explanatory activities and practical mine safety training.

Type of work for volunteers:

Participation in the "Mobile Class" project as a lecturer together with representatives of the State Emergency Service. This involves helping to educate civilians from the de-occupied territories of Ukraine on the proper handling of explosive ordnance.

The organization is seeking volunteers ONLY with expertise and specialized education in demining.


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